Thank a Feminist with these 21 Posters

Thank a Feminist with these 21 Posters

The world recently celebrated International Women’s Day, a cause for celebration for feminists everywhere. With this in mind, an online feminist community named the School of Feminism has suggested an excellent way to commemorate the occasion.

And that’s posters. The community uploaded a series of designs, listing some of the most significant achievements in the fight towards gender equality. “Thanks to feminists, women can vote, work, abort [their pregnancies], divorce [spouses], wear pants, read any book [they like], use birth control, take out a loan…”. This artwork is an important reminder of the progress undertaken so far in the fight for gender equality. Anybody that wants to use the posters can download and print out the designs or share them online.

About School of Feminism and Thank a Feminist

School of Feminism is a non-profit platform based in Spain, which above all aims to bring Feminism to society through communication, creativity and education. They also encourage everyone to thank “all the feminists who with their strength make the world a better place to live in.”

Lastly, other initiatives by the School of Feminism include:

  • No Data No Justice
  • Vote Feminism
  • The Present is Feminist
  • Educating in Equality
  • Breasts Out!
  • A feminist library of suggested books and readings (Spanish)

Take action with School of Feminism.

Want to help promote equality in your city? Get Involved with WFCC, or Submit a Wise Practice.

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