Engage Women Nightshift Workers

Engage Women Nightshift Workers

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  • Engage Women Nightshift Workers

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  • Location: Barcelona, Spain

    Organization: Col·lectiu Punt 6

    Conduct feminist participatory action research with women nightshift workers.

    About the Wise Practice

    Initially, the point of departure was that the perception of fear and safety as well as the mobility options were the urban planning elements that conditioned night life the most. But the collective work has enabled researchers to highlight other impacts of night work: on the development of everyday life activities, and on the way gender inequalities are manifested on the job environment. Night work also impacts health as well as personal, family and social relationships.




    Goal 1Promote age- and gender-responsive planning and investment for sustainable, safe and accessible urban mobility (NUA 13f, 114; SDG 11.2).


    Data was collected using a set of participatory tools that Col·lectiu Punt 6 has developed over the years, emphasizing the nocturnal aspect. These tools consider women as experts of their environments and communities, due to their presence in all the spheres of everyday life.


    Share research results with local authorities and share on line. Monitor uptake of report. The report and results have been submitted to the different local authorities of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.

    Resources and More Information

    Nocturnas Report