Gender and Safety Audit Tool for Events and Venues

Gender and Safety Audit Tool for Events and Venues

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  • Gender and Safety Audit Tool for Events and Venues

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  • Location: Melbourne, Australia

    Organization: City of Melbourne

    Event and venue guides to help address safety and security risks for women.

    About the Wise Practice

    The City of Melbourne is committed to ensuring licensed venues, events, and facilities and services within the municipality are safe, welcoming and inclusive for everyone in the community. These guides will help venues, facility managers and event organizers address safety and security risks and consider the needs of women and girls. The three guides are:

    1. 1) Gender safety audit checklist for licensed venues - This gender and safety audit checklist proposes to identify and address venue design issues and management practices which may be facilitating sexual harassment and assaults within and around licensed venues.
    2. 2) Planning safe and inclusive events - How to make events safe and inclusive for women.
    3. 3) Safe people, safe spaces – facilities assessment tool - If you manage or operate a leisure facility, aged care centre, community hub or library, for example, this tool will help you assess how safe, welcoming and inclusive your facility is, particularly for community members who may be at risk of family violence.




    Goal 1: Prevent and eliminate all forms of violence and harassment against women and girls in private and public spaces, including trafficking and sexual and other types of exploitation (NUA 13c, 39; SDG 5.2; CEDAW article 6).


    There is a detailed audit checklist provided for event organizers and an assessment tool for facility managers.


    The completion of the checklist and assessment tool seems to be voluntary, not mandatory. There is a request for feedback by email on the checklist and assessment tool.


    Lessons Learned

    It would be helpful to learn if this is a mandatory or voluntary program and what challenges/issues have been brought to light and how they have been addressed by event organizers and facilities managers.

    Resources and More Information

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