Guide for Municipal Action on Women’s Equity

Guide for Municipal Action on Women’s Equity

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  • Guide for Municipal Action on Women's Equity

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  • Location: Ottawa, Canada

    Organization: Canadian Commission for UNESCO

    An overview of key issues facing women and concrete opportunities for Municipal Government to take action and move forward on women’s equity.

    About the Wise Practice

    Inclusion of women is fundamental to a progressive, sustainable society. Many women experience life differently in Canada than men, such as stereotypical gender roles and the existence of patriarchy. Women, grassroots organizations, and allies have long led movements within Canada to re-define gender equality and justice for women. As such, municipal governments have the ability to apply a gender lens on city planning an decision-making and should do so to better serve their residents.


    Governance & Leadership


    Goal 1: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls, ensuring women’s full and effective participation and equal rights in all fields and in leadership at all levels of decision-making (NUA 13c, 90, 148, 155; SDG 5.5, 5.c; CEDAW article 3, 7).


    The guide outlines indicators that organizations can use to track their progress, such as performance and results indicators.


    The guide provides information on how organizations can assess and monitor the results of their progress. This includes creating overarching assessment criteria, tailoring this criteria to a specific department, and including specific elements such as relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, and sustainability. Each criterion can then be explored through the lens of equity and inclusion.

    Lessons Learned

    This publication presents how municipal governments are not only well placed to apply a gender lens to city planning and decision-making, but have an imperative to do so in order to adequately serve residents. By bringing women to the table, delivering gender-specific programming through an intersectional lens, gender mainstreaming governance and using data to inform decision-making and track progress, municipalities can enhance the inclusiveness of their communities and institutions.

    Resources and More Information

    The Role of Municipalities in Advancing Women's Equity in Canada