Women’s Empowerment Guide

Women’s Empowerment Guide

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  • Women's Empowerment Guide

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  • Location: Barcelona, Spain

    Organization: Col·lectiu Punt 6

    Produce a guide to empower and foster women’s participation in urban planning.

    About the Wise Practice

    Col·lectiu Punt 6 has created this guide to aim to give visibility to women as a unique source of knowledge and as agents for urban transformation. As women possess crucial knowledge to describe the everyday life of the environments. Women have better understanding of their neighbourhoods, of the needs of the community, and things that must be done to make it a better place. Through empowerment, the organization will be able to be aware and increase knowledge about towns and cities from a gender perspective, analyze the environment we live in from the individual to collective experience, identify favourable and unfavourable aspects, increase visibility of women’s knowledge, and promote women’s rights to freely enjoy the city. 


    Governance & Leadership


    Goal 5: Make information and communications technologies accessible to the public, including women and girls, children and youth, persons with disabilities, older persons and persons in vulnerable situations, to enable them to develop and exercise civic responsibility, broadening participation and fostering responsible governance (NUA 156; SDG 5.b).


    Ongoing tracking for completion of specific actions.

    Lessons Learned

    We learned how to create and adapt tools to gather information about women's everyday life and their expertise and knowledge about the urban planning of their communities.


    More than a 100 groups of women trained on urban planning from a gender perspective in more than a 100 municipalities in Catalonia.


    Resources and More Information

    Women Working