Women’s Equity Strategy
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Women’s Equity Strategy

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  • Women's Equity Strategy

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  • Location: Vancouver, Canada

    Organization: City of Vancouver

    Develop a civic strategy for gender and diversity inclusion and equity.

    About the Wise Practice

    The Women’s Equity Strategy is a ten-year plan from 2018 to 2028 that was unanimously adopted by the City Council. This strategy plans to shed light on the barriers that continue to limit the full participation and contributions of all women, including those that identify as women. The Women’s Equity Strategy sets specific goals and targets to address these barriers and recognize that full inclusion of all residents is fundamental to creating a diverse, welcoming, and economically successful city. Removing such barriers for all women will require a sustained and coordinated effort from all levels of government, individuals, and communities. 



    Governance & Leadership


    Goal 3: Promote participatory age- and gender-responsive approaches at all stages of the urban and territorial policy and planning processes (NUA 92, 155).


    A variety of baseline measures e.g statistical measures of women's sense of safety and internal statistics on women's representation within City's the workforce.


    Baseline data can be monitored over time to assess progress towards goals.

    Lessons Learned

    The strategy reflects the City’s vision to make Vancouver a place where all women have access to resources and opportunities so that they can fully participate in the political, economic, cultural and social life of the city.

    Resources and More Information

    1. Vancouver: A City for All Women - Women's Equity Strategy 2018-2028
    2. Interim Update on Progress: Report to Vancouver City Council, May 29, 2019