Women’s Initiative Edmonton

Women’s Initiative Edmonton

Women’s Initiative Edmonton is a City of Edmonton initiative, supported and endorsed by City Council, that fosters and promotes equality, opportunity, access to services, justice and inclusion for women across the city. This initiative is among the first of its kind in Canada. Community leaders work to include the unique perspectives of women and girls in the conversations that shape Edmonton. Women’s Initiative Edmonton encourages the community to listen to the voices of women and girls, embrace diverse perspectives, and apply a gender lens to today’s decisions that impact all of our tomorrows.

“Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.”

Marie Shear

About the Initiative

Women’s Initiave Edmonton actively advocates on behalf of Edmonton women in City decision-making and policy development. They are a central community hub for culture-changing conversations at the municipal level.

The initiative aims to empower women, as well as work toward women’s social, political and economic equality in our city. In addition, the initiative also looks to add a gender-based analysis plus lens to decision making. This gender-based lens is currently (and historically) under-represented. .

Ultimately this equity makes our city stronger and improves the health and well-being of all Edmontonians.

The Women’s Advocacy Voice of Edmonton Committee (WAVE)

A group known as The Women’s Advocacy Voice of Edmonton Committee (WAVE) leads the initiative. WAVE consists of community leaders from diverse backgrounds. The group comes together to help advance the work of Women’s Initiative Edmonton. Their role as an advisory committee also ensures that the initiative represents and considers the gender lens in municipal policy decisions. Eventually, this will build capacity for greater participation of Edmonton women in civic life.

Now in their third year, WAVE focuses on policy-driven work, and further advocates on women’s issues at City Council and beyond.

To date, WAVE’s highest profile work has been in advocating for greater safety on the Edmonton transit system, and they were a key driver behind the ETS zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment and assault. WAVE also supported the City of Edmonton to implement Gender Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) training for all management, key staff, and City Council.

WAVE is currently focusing their attention on a number of city issues, such as childcare, poverty, and construction hoarding. The group will also continue to advocate and create opportunities for other volunteers to get involved.

Want to help promote equality in your city? Get Involved with WFCC, or Submit a Wise Practice.

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