Hot Pink Paper Campaign

Obtain commitments on women’s issues from civic candidates prior to elections.

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North America

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Organization: Women Transforming Cities International

About the Wise Practice

The Hot Pink Paper campaign was created to ensure that civic initiatives are truly inclusive to women and girls in Vancouver. The campaign strives to review Council agendas to ensure that an intersectional lens is applied on key issues pertaining to women and girls like affordable housing, work and income, and electoral reform.


Governance & Leadership


Goal 1: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls, ensuring women’s full and effective participation and equal rights in all fields and in leadership at all levels of decision-making (NUA 13c, 90, 148, 155; SDG 5.5, 5.c; CEDAW article 3, 7).


Commitment of the parties and candidates are recorded and shared online.


The Hot Pink Paper looked at party and councilors commitments half way through their electoral mandate.

Lessons Learned

The Hot Pink Paper was a community campaign that brought together grassroots women in neighbourhood cafes to come up with 11 practical solutions to critical city issues facing women and girls. These women took their ideas to municipal candidates and parties, demanded action, recorded campaign commitments and reviewed their progress midterm in order to hold their representatives responsible.

Resources and More Information

Hot Pink Paper Report


Updated: January 11, 2021