Trans Equity & Inclusion Strategy

Develop a civic strategy for gender and diversity inclusion and equity.

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North America

Location: Vancouver, BC

Organization: City of Vancouver


About the Wise Practice

The aim of this strategy is to ensure that the City of Vancouver provides inclusive strategies for gender and diversity inclusion and equity. Members of the trans community often face discrimination and persistent challenges to accessing basic forms of human needs – housing, education, food, medical services, employment and safety from physical harm. As such, the City receives annual updates for progress on this strategy.



Governance & Leadership


Goal 3: Promote participatory age- and gender-responsive approaches at all stages of the urban and territorial policy and planning processes (NUA 92, 155).



Ongoing tracking for completion of specific actions.



City Council receives annual updates on progress for this Strategy. The City consults regularly with its LGBTQ2+ Community Advisory Committee for monitoring and implementation.


Lessons Learned

The aim of this Strategy is to make civic facilities, operations and programs safe and inclusive spaces for trans* and gender-variant communities, including the following:

  • Signage and Literature
  • Public Spaces
  • Human Resource Training and Staff Policies
  • Programming
  • Collaborative Public and Community Partnerships.


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Updated: January 24, 2021