Urban Gender Audit

Conduct gender audits of urban quality of life.


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Location: Barcelona, Spain

Organization: Col·lectiu Punt 6

About the Wise Practice

The Urban Quality Audit with a Gender Perspective (ACUG) is an urban evaluation tool that makes it possible to evaluate the application of a gender perspective in urban planning based on the integral analysis of the social, physical, and functional aspects of a specific environment. Urban Quality Audits with a Gender Perspective (ACUG) are necessary to evaluate whether our neighborhoods and cities respond to the needs of people without causing discrimination of any kind.


Urban Spaces


Goal 2: Provide universal access to safe, inclusive and accessible, green and public spaces, in particular for women and children, older persons and persons with disabilities (SDG 11.7).


A system of indicators to measure the quality of life in urban areas from a gender perspective was developed. Proximity, representativity, autonomy, vitality, and diversity are measured in three dimensions: everyday life facilities, spaces of relationship, and neighborhood.


The indicators were applied in 5 cities of the Barcelona province and in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Lessons Learned

Ensure accessibility in and out of the neighborhood, working especially on the large fenced area that hinders the difficult routes and increases insecurity.

– Give vitality to the streets in addition to the existing weekly markets to allow meeting and gathering and not only vehicular circulation. Also, consider the importance of improving the urban landscape close to these actions, which makes the environment more pleasant.

– Work with the neighbors on the memory of the neighborhood to make it representative and recognize the work of women and their struggles to improve living conditions in the neighborhood.

Resources and More Information

Espacios Para La Vida Cotidiana Report (In Spanish)