Women’s Advisory Committee

The Women’s Advisory Committee advises Council and staff on enhancing access and inclusion for women and girls.

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North America

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Organization: City of Vancouver

About the Wise Practice

The Women’s Advisory Committee is a group of committee members that were established by the Council resolution under the authority of Vancouver Charter section 159. The mandate of the Women’s Advisory Committee is to advise Council and staff on enhancing access and inclusion for women and girls to fully participate in City services and civic life.


Governance & Leadership


Goal 2: Strengthen the interface among stakeholders, offering opportunities for dialogue, including through age- and gender- responsive approaches, with particular attention to contributions from women and others (NUA 42).


The Women’s Advisory Committee holds six regular meetings per year, in addition to regular working sessions, generally scheduled during intervening months throughout the year. The Committee also tracks the number of engagement sessions and recommendations. ​


The Women’s Advisory Committee monitors its own activities through its annual planning and reporting. The Women’s Advisory Committee reports to Council, provides input to Council and City staff, and undertakes the following reporting activities: joint meetings with other advisory bodies, collaboration with the public and external agencies, and annual reporting.
All advisory bodies should conduct their activities following the Guidelines for Advisory Bodies which set out the roles and responsibilities for advisory body members, chairs or co-chairs, staff, and Council liaisons.

Lessons Learned

  • Providing input to City Council and staff about issues of concern. ​
  • Considering any matters which may be referred to the committee by Council or staff.
  • Taking positions on policy initiatives from other levels of government within the committee’s mandate.

Resources and More Information

City of Vancouver‘s Women‘s Advisory Council


Updated: January 24, 2021